Welcome to Red Valley Farm.

Found in the Heart of Carmarthenshire, the farm is run by business partners, and good friends, Andy & Graeme.

Red Valley Farm is a family operated working farm, surrounded by grass fields and woodland in 156 acres of beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside.

As a family run farm we love to share our farm with our popup campsite. We welcome everyone. Whether you are popping in to grab a pack of our 2021 award winning Sausages or our boar and leek sausages, which won 2nd place in the 2019 Porc Blasus ”Put Your Best Sausage Forward” competition, for your tea.

We have a massive range of flavoured sausages on sale, or you can pick up a bag of our very own kiln dried logs, harvested from our managed sustainable woodland and dried in our kiln which is heated from our wood burning bio mass boiler – which is fuelled from the parts of the tree that can’t be used for your logs.