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Red Valley Farm is a family run working farm, with 156 acres of grassland and woodland, set in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside.
We welcome everyone to our Farm shop and campsite or those who just want an afternoon out on the farm, meeting the pigs with the kids.
Why not grab a cup of coffee or tea from the farm shop and relax watching the kids be kids. You may even be lucky to see Wayne our peacock, strutting his stuff around the farm yard as well.
Located just outside Carmarthen, the farm is run by business partners and good friends, Andy Washbourne & Graeme Carter.
Here at Red Valley Farm, we are Wales’s No.1 Welsh Reared Wild Boar producer. All our pork is outdoor reared, being feed on brewer’s grain, from two local breweries, hay, pig nuts and waste fruit.
With our in house butchery and shop we can provide you with the very best in wild boar meat as well as specialising in award winning sausages and the best Boar and apple burgers you have ever tried!
Competition – ”Put Your Best Sausage Forward”.

1st place in 2021 with our award winning Boar & Apple sausages
2nd place in 2019 with our Boar and Leek sausages

Here at Red Valley Farm we believe in a sustainable future for our children and the future of Welsh woodlands. We have just planted over 30000 trees on the farm from mixed hardwood to commercial softwood timber.
We offer Firewood delivered to your door with low production miles. We source all the timber we sell from our own woodland.
Our very own kiln dried logs are harvested from our sustainable woodlands and dried in our kiln which is heated by our wood burning biomass boiler. Our biomass boiler is fuelled from the parts of the tree that can’t be used for your logs thus using as much of the tree as possible before chipping the rest.
With our logs being dried and delivered in vented bulk bags, we guarantee your logs are dry and have a moisture content of less than 20% making them ‘Ready to Burn’.
Kiln dried logs give you maximum heat and burn more efficiently. They have less moisture than seasoned firewood which means a cleaner, hotter burn. Due to the moisture being removed, a greater proportion of the mass of the logs are burnable which in turn allows the logs to burn for longer.
Farm Open (May – September)
Farm Shop and Log deliveries Open (All Year Round)
Camping Open (August to September & October half term)